The ‘A SHARED Future’ Inaugural Gathering Was a Success!

///The ‘A SHARED Future’ Inaugural Gathering Was a Success!

Last week HEC Lab Research Director Heather, HEC Lab Research Coordinator Rob, and MA candidate Jon attended the A SHARED Future’s first ever gathering.

The meeting was graciously hosted by the T’Sou-ke Nation located on Vancouver Island, BC. This was the first opportunity for researchers, Knowledge Holders and other stakeholders involved in the A SHARED Future project to gather in one place. Attendees came from across Canada – as far East as Nova Scotia, from Vancouver Island itself and many places in between.

This gathering was extremely productive despite the short amount of time we spent together. We used both group and individual sharing opportunities to promote an equitable, safe space for discussion. Much of our time was spent on sharing views and opinions about how the project should proceed, and collaborating to make decisions.

We were particularly fortunate to be able to tour the T’Sou-ke Nation’s solar power development. Their leadership in the renewable energy field has (and will) serve as an important foundation for research moving forward.

Thank you again to everyone that was able to attend and a special thank you to the T’Sou-ke Nation for hosting us, and to our Elders for providing ceremonies and guidance. We look forward to meeting again soon.