Sharon Yeung

MD/MSc Candidate

Sharon Yeung- Headshot


Sharon is a student in the combined MD/MSc program at Queen’s University and is joining the HEC Lab in the fall of 2016 to pursue graduate studies in epidemiology. Having acquired an interest in international health early in her academic career, Sharon completed a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences at McMaster University, where she specialized in global health. Various experiences working in Northern Ontario, however, led Sharon to recognize that many global disparities are replicated on a local scale, fuelling her passion for resolving social justice and health equity issues right here at home.

Sharon’s research interests surround the social determinants of health, with a focus on health patterns among Canada’s Indigenous, rural, and minority populations. Additionally, Sharon is interested in knowledge translation and the development of community-based participatory research frameworks. Sharon hopes that her combined medical and graduate studies education will allow her to contribute to bridging the gap between population health research and practice, and she ultimately aspires to help shape evidence-based practices and policies to improve health resource access and quality of care for all.