Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of peer-reviewed journal articles, but highlights the most recent ones. For those papers whose full-text versions aren’t available online, please contact Heather Castleden directly:

Indigenous Health

Castleden, H., Watson, R., Tui’kn Partnership, Bennett, E., Masuda, J., King, M., & Stewart, M. (2016). Aboriginal asthma prevention and management: Lessons from Mi’kmaq communities, implications for policy and practice in Unama’ki, CanadaPreventing Chronic Disease 13(E06):1-9.

Stewart, M.J.Castleden, H., King, M., Letourneau, N., Masuda, J., Bourque Bearskin, L., Anderson, S., & Blood, R. (2015). Supporting parents of Aboriginal children with asthma: Preferences and pilot interventions. International Journal of Indigenous Health 10(2): 131-149.

Organ, J., Castleden, H., Furgal, C., & Sheldon, T., & Hart, C. (2014). Contemporary programs in support of traditional ways: Inuit perspectives on community freezers as a mechanism to alleviate pressures on wild food access in Nain, Nunatsiavut. Health & Place 30: 251-259.

Daley K, Castleden H, Jamieson R, Furgal C, Ell L. (2014). Municipal water quantities and health in Nunavut households: an exploratory case study in Coral Harbour, Nunavut, Canada. International Journal of Circumpolar Health 73: 23843.

Watson, R., Castleden, H., Tui’kn Partnership, Masuda, J., King, M., & Stewart, M. (2012). Gaps in Asthma Education, Health Promotion, and Social Support for Mi’kmaq Families in Unama’ki (Cape Breton), Nova Scotia, Canada. Preventing Chronic Disease 9: E139

Indigenous-Settler Relations

Drabble, J., Masuda, J., & Castleden, H. (2014). Building respectful research relationships: Lessons from a community based participatory research project with Dakota Tipi First Nation. Prairie Perspectives 

Sloan Morgan, V., Castleden, H., & **Huu-ay-aht First Nations. (2015). Redefining the cultural landscape in British Columbia: Huu-ay-aht Youth visions for a post-Treaty era in Nuu-chah-nulth territory. ACME: An International e-Journal for Critical Geographies.

Sloan Morgan, V. & Castleden, H. (2014). Framing Indigenous-settler relations within British Columbia’s modern treaty context: A discourse analysis of the Maa-nulth Treaty in mainstream media. International Indigenous Policy Journal 5(3). Retrieved from:

Sloan Morgan, V., & Castleden, H. (2014). An exploration of Indigenous-settler relations in the Port Alberni Valley, British Columbia regarding the implementation of the 2011 Maa-nulth Treaty. The Canadian Geographer 58(4): 469-480.

Castleden, H., Daley, K., Sloan Morgan, V., & Sylvestre, P. (2013). Settlers unsettled: Using field schools and digital stories to transform geographies of ignorance about Indigenous peoples in Canada. Journal of Geography in Higher Education DOI:10.1080/03098265.2013.796352

Water Research

Daley, K., Castleden, H., Jamieson, R., & Ell, L. (2015). Water systems, sanitation, and public health risks in the Canadian Arctic: Inuit perspectives from Coral Harbour, Nunavut, Canada. Social Science & Medicine 135(2): 124-132.

Kot, M., Gagnon, G., & Castleden, H. (2015). Drinking water compliance challenges: How do Canadian small water systems respond? Water Policy 17: 349-369. CA/Co-SA

Castleden, H., Crooks, V., van Meerveld, I. (2015). Examining the public health implications of drinking water-related behaviours and perceptions: A face-to-face exploratory survey of residents in eight coastal communities in British Columbia and Nova Scotia. The Canadian Geographer 59(2).

Kot, M., Castleden, H., & Gagnon, G. (2014). The human dimension of Water Safety Plans: A critical review of literature and information gaps. Environmental Reviews 23: 1-6

Kot, M., Gagnon, G., & Castleden, H. (2014). Drinking water compliance challenges: How do Canadian small water systems respond? Water Policy DOI:10.2166/wp.2014.172.

Perrier, E., Kot, M., Castleden, H., & Gagnon, G. (2014). Early adoption of Drinking Water Safety Plans in small systems: Bridges and barriers to achieving regulatory compliance. Water Policy 1696: 1140-1154.

Environmental Justice

White, B., Castleden, H. & Gruzd, A. (2015). Talking with Twitter users: Motivations behind Twitter use on the Alberta oil sands and the Northern Gateway Pipeline. First Monday. 

Neimanis, A., Castleden, H., & Rainham, D. (2012). Examining the place of ecological integrity in environmental justice: A systematic review. Local Environments 17(3): 349–367.

CBPR and Ethics

Castleden, H., Sylvestre, P., Martin, D., & McNally, M. (2015). “I don’t think that any peer review committee… would ever ‘get’ what I currently do”: How institutional metrics for success and merit risk perpetuating the (re)production of colonial relationships in community-based participatory research involving Indigenous peoples in Canada”. International Indigenous Policy Journal.

Laliberte, N., Catungal, J.P., Castleden, H.; Keeling, A., Momer, B., & Nash, C. (2015). Teaching the geographies of Canada: Reflections on pedagogy, curriculum and the politics of teaching and learning. The Canadian Geographer.

Stiegman, M. & Castleden, H. (2015). Leashes and Lies: Navigating the colonial tensions of institutional  ethics of research involving Indigenous peoples in Canada. International Indigenous Policy Journal.

Crooks, V., & Castleden, H. (2012). All we really needed to know about tenure-track faculty positions we did not learn in graduate school (Refereed Viewpoint). The Canadian Geographer 56(4): 393-397. MA

Kershaw, G., Castleden, H., & Laroque, C. (2014). An argument for ethical physical geography research on Indigenous landscapes in Canada.(Refereed Viewpoint). The Canadian Geographer 58(4): 393-399

Castleden, H., Sloan Morgan, V. & Lamb, C. (2012). “I spent the first year drinking tea”: Exploring Canadian university researchers’ perspectives on the ethical and institutional tensions of community-based participatory research involving Indigenous peoples. The Canadian Geographer 56(2): 160-179.

Recent book chapters 

Castleden, H., Martin, D. & Lewis, D. (Forthcoming). From embedded in to marginalized out of place: Indigenous peoples’ experience of health in Canada. In Crooks, V. & Giesbrecht, M. (Eds). Place, Health & Diversity: A Canadian Perspective. Geographies of Health series for Ashgate Press.

Castleden, H., & Skinner, E. (2014). Whitewashing Indigenous water rights in Canada: How can we indigenize climate change adaptation in Canada if we ignore the fundamentals? In Stucker, D., & Lopez-Gunn, E. (Eds.) Adaptation to Climate Change through Water Resource Management: Capacity, Equity, and Sustainability. London, UK: EarthScan.

Taylor, S., Austin, G., Sylliboy, J. & Castleden, H. (Fall, 2013). APCFNC Elders Project: Honouring Traditional Knowledge Introduction to the Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs Elders Project: Honouring Traditional Knowledge. In Atlantic Aboriginal Economic Development Integrated Research Program (Ed). Aboriginal Knowledge for Economic Development. Halifax, NS: Fernwood Publishing.