Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of peer-reviewed journal articles, but highlights the most recent ones. For those papers whose full-text versions aren’t available online, please contact Heather Castleden or Rob Stefanelli directly: or


Indigenous Health

Castleden, H., Bennett, E., Lewis, D., & Martin, D. (2017). ” Put It Near the Indians”: Indigenous Perspectives on Pulp Mill Contaminants in Their Traditional Territories (Pictou Landing First Nation, Canada). Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action11(1), 25-33.

Water Research

Castleden, H. E., Hart, C., Harper, S., Martin, D., Cunsolo, A., Stefanelli, R., … & Lauridsen, K. (2017). Implementing Indigenous and Western Knowledge Systems in Water Research and Management (Part 1): A Systematic Realist Review to Inform Water Policy and Governance in Canada. The International Indigenous Policy Journal8(4), 7.

Castleden, H., Martin, D., Cunsolo, A., Harper, S., Hart, C., Sylvestre, P.,  Stefanelli, R. D.& Lauridsen, K. (2017). Implementing Indigenous and Western Knowledge Systems in Water Research and Management (Part 2): Interviews with Collaborative Teams to Overcome the Limitations of Literature Reviews to Inform Water Policy in Canada. International Indigenous Policy Journal.

Stefanelli, R. D., Castleden, H., Harper, S. L., Martin, D., Cunsolo, A., & Hart, C. (2017). Experiences with integrative Indigenous and Western knowledge in water research and management: a systematic realist review of literature from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. Environmental Reviews25(3), 323-333.

Stefanelli, R. D., Castleden, H., Cunsolo, A., Martin, D., Harper, S. L., & Hart, C. (2017). Canadian and Australian researchers’ perspectives on promising practices for implementing Indigenous and Western knowledge systems in water research and management. Water Policy19(6), 1063-1080.

Kot, M., Castleden, H., & Gagnon, G. A. (2017). Preparing for Success–Drinking Water Safety Plans and Lessons Learned from Alberta: Policy Considerations Contextualized for Small Systems. In Water Policy and Governance in Canada (pp. 321-335). Springer International Publishing.

Garda, C., Castleden, H., & Conrad, C. (2017). Monitoring, Restoration, and Source Water Protection: Canadian Community-Based Environmental Organizations’ Efforts towards Improving Aquatic Ecosystem Health. Water9(3), 212.

CBPR, Methods, and Ethics

Sylvestre, P., Castleden, H., Martin, D., & McNally, M. (2017). ” Thank You Very Much… You Can Leave Our Community Now.”: Geographies of Responsibility, Relational Ethics, Acts of Refusal, and the Conflicting Requirements of Academic Localities in Indigenous Research. ACME: An International Journal for Critical Geographies.

Moore, C., Castleden, H. E., Tirone, S., & Martin, D. (2017). Implementing the Tri-Council Policy on Ethical Research Involving Indigenous Peoples in Canada: So, How’s That Going in Mi’kma’ki?. The International Indigenous Policy Journal8(2), 4.

Day, L., Cunsolo, A., Castleden, H., Martin, D., Hart, C., Anaviapik-Soucie, T., … & Harper, S. L. (2017). The Expanding Digital Media Landscape of Qualitative and Decolonizing Research: Examining Collaborative Podcasting as a Research Method. MediaTropes7(1), 203-228.


Indigenous Health

Castleden, H., Watson, R., Tui’kn Partnership, Bennett, E., Masuda, J., King, M., & Stewart, M. (2016). Aboriginal asthma prevention and management: Lessons from Mi’kmaq communities, implications for policy and practice in Unama’ki, CanadaPreventing Chronic Disease 13(E06):1-9.


Indigenous Health

Stewart, M.J.Castleden, H., King, M., Letourneau, N., Masuda, J., Bourque Bearskin, L., Anderson, S., & Blood, R. (2015). Supporting parents of Aboriginal children with asthma: Preferences and pilot interventions. International Journal of Indigenous Health 10(2): 131-149.

Indigenous-Settler Relations

Sloan Morgan, V., Castleden, H., & Huu-ay-aht First Nations. (2015). Redefining the cultural landscape in British Columbia: Huu-ay-aht Youth visions for a post-Treaty era in Nuu-chah-nulth territory. ACME: An International e-Journal for Critical Geographies.

Water Research

Daley, K., Castleden, H., Jamieson, R., & Ell, L. (2015). Water systems, sanitation, and public health risks in the Canadian Arctic: Inuit perspectives from Coral Harbour, Nunavut, Canada. Social Science & Medicine 135(2): 124-132.

Kot, M., Gagnon, G., & Castleden, H. (2015). Drinking water compliance challenges: How do Canadian small water systems respond? Water Policy 17: 349-369. CA/Co-SA

Castleden, H., Crooks, V., van Meerveld, I. (2015). Examining the public health implications of drinking water-related behaviours and perceptions: A face-to-face exploratory survey of residents in eight coastal communities in British Columbia and Nova Scotia. The Canadian Geographer 59(2).

Environmental Justice

White, B., Castleden, H. & Gruzd, A. (2015). Talking with Twitter users: Motivations behind Twitter use on the Alberta oil sands and the Northern Gateway Pipeline. First Monday. 

CBPR, Methods, and Ethics

Castleden, H., Sylvestre, P., Martin, D., & McNally, M. (2015). “I don’t think that any peer review committee… would ever ‘get’ what I currently do”: How institutional metrics for success and merit risk perpetuating the (re)production of colonial relationships in community-based participatory research involving Indigenous peoples in Canada”. International Indigenous Policy Journal.

Laliberte, N., Catungal, J.P., Castleden, H.; Keeling, A., Momer, B., & Nash, C. (2015). Teaching the geographies of Canada: Reflections on pedagogy, curriculum and the politics of teaching and learning. The Canadian Geographer.

Stiegman, M. & Castleden, H. (2015). Leashes and Lies: Navigating the colonial tensions of institutional  ethics of research involving Indigenous peoples in Canada. International Indigenous Policy Journal.


Indigenous Health

Organ, J., Castleden, H., Furgal, C., & Sheldon, T., & Hart, C. (2014). Contemporary programs in support of traditional ways: Inuit perspectives on community freezers as a mechanism to alleviate pressures on wild food access in Nain, Nunatsiavut. Health & Place 30: 251-259.

Daley K, Castleden H, Jamieson R, Furgal C, Ell L. (2014). Municipal water quantities and health in Nunavut households: an exploratory case study in Coral Harbour, Nunavut, Canada. International Journal of Circumpolar Health 73: 23843.

Indigenous-Settler Relations

Drabble, J., Masuda, J., & Castleden, H. (2014). Building respectful research relationships: Lessons from a community based participatory research project with Dakota Tipi First Nation. Prairie Perspectives 

Sloan Morgan, V. & Castleden, H. (2014). Framing Indigenous-settler relations within British Columbia’s modern treaty context: A discourse analysis of the Maa-nulth Treaty in mainstream media. International Indigenous Policy Journal 5(3). Retrieved from:

Sloan Morgan, V., & Castleden, H. (2014). An exploration of Indigenous-settler relations in the Port Alberni Valley, British Columbia regarding the implementation of the 2011 Maa-nulth Treaty. The Canadian Geographer 58(4): 469-480.

Water Research

Kot, M., Castleden, H., & Gagnon, G. (2014). The human dimension of Water Safety Plans: A critical review of literature and information gaps. Environmental Reviews 23: 1-6

Kot, M., Gagnon, G., & Castleden, H. (2014). Drinking water compliance challenges: How do Canadian small water systems respond? Water Policy DOI:10.2166/wp.2014.172.

Perrier, E., Kot, M., Castleden, H., & Gagnon, G. (2014). Early adoption of Drinking Water Safety Plans in small systems: Bridges and barriers to achieving regulatory compliance. Water Policy 1696: 1140-1154.

CBPR, Methods, and Ethics

Kershaw, G., Castleden, H., & Laroque, C. (2014). An argument for ethical physical geography research on Indigenous landscapes in Canada.(Refereed Viewpoint). The Canadian Geographer 58(4): 393-399

2013 and Earlier

Indigenous Health

Watson, R., Castleden, H., Tui’kn Partnership, Masuda, J., King, M., & Stewart, M. (2012). Gaps in Asthma Education, Health Promotion, and Social Support for Mi’kmaq Families in Unama’ki (Cape Breton), Nova Scotia, Canada. Preventing Chronic Disease 9: E139

Indigenous-Settler Relations

Castleden, H., Daley, K., Sloan Morgan, V., & Sylvestre, P. (2013). Settlers unsettled: Using field schools and digital stories to transform geographies of ignorance about Indigenous peoples in Canada. Journal of Geography in Higher Education DOI:10.1080/03098265.2013.796352

Environmental Justice

Neimanis, A., Castleden, H., & Rainham, D. (2012). Examining the place of ecological integrity in environmental justice: A systematic review. Local Environments 17(3): 349–367.

CBPR, Methods, and Ethics

Crooks, V., & Castleden, H. (2012). All we really needed to know about tenure-track faculty positions we did not learn in graduate school (Refereed Viewpoint). The Canadian Geographer 56(4): 393-397. MA

Castleden, H., Sloan Morgan, V. & Lamb, C. (2012). “I spent the first year drinking tea”: Exploring Canadian university researchers’ perspectives on the ethical and institutional tensions of community-based participatory research involving Indigenous peoples. The Canadian Geographer 56(2): 160-179.

Book Chapters

Castleden, H., Hart, C., Cunsolo, A., Harper, S., & Martin, D. (2017). Reconciliation and relationality in water research and management in Canada: Implementing indigenous ontologies, epistemologies, and methodologies. In Water Policy and Governance in Canada (pp. 69-95). Springer International Publishing.

Castleden, H., Martin, D. & Lewis, D. (Forthcoming). From embedded in to marginalized out of place: Indigenous peoples’ experience of health in Canada. In Crooks, V. & Giesbrecht, M. (Eds). Place, Health & Diversity: A Canadian Perspective. Geographies of Health series for Ashgate Press.

Castleden, H., & Skinner, E. (2014). Whitewashing Indigenous water rights in Canada: How can we indigenize climate change adaptation in Canada if we ignore the fundamentals? In Stucker, D., & Lopez-Gunn, E. (Eds.) Adaptation to Climate Change through Water Resource Management: Capacity, Equity, and Sustainability. London, UK: EarthScan.

Taylor, S., Austin, G., Sylliboy, J. & Castleden, H. (Fall, 2013). APCFNC Elders Project: Honouring Traditional Knowledge Introduction to the Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs Elders Project: Honouring Traditional Knowledge. In Atlantic Aboriginal Economic Development Integrated Research Program (Ed). Aboriginal Knowledge for Economic Development. Halifax, NS: Fernwood Publishing.