Cecilia Jennings


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Cecilia is a Masters of Arts student in Geography who will be working with the HEC Lab starting in September 2014. She recently graduated from Mount Allison University with a B.A. in both Geography and English, where she split her time between literature, human geography, and environmental science. She comes to the HEC Lab from Mount  Dendrochronology Lab (MAD Lab), which she joined in 2010. In the MAD Lab, she studied tree-rings in the context of climate change, and wrote her undergraduate thesis on larch trees growing across central Labrador. Cecilia grew up in Eastern Ontario before relocating to the East Coast, which she now considers home. In her free time she enjoys gardening, being outdoors, reading, and travelling as much as possible.

Research Interests 

Cecilia is interested in exploring the ways in which environmental changes – on both global and local scales – affect the health of communities living within those environments. In particular, her research interests are rooted in a desire to understand how social, political, and historical factors can contribute to experiences of health and the environment. Her rural upbringing inspires her to examine, especially, the health experiences of rural communities. Through her work with the HEC Lab, Cecilia looks forward to learning about Indigenous ways of knowing and to engage in issues of environmental and health justice in the Canadian context.

Conference Presentations 

Jennings, C. “Educating for the future: Climate Change Education in

Jasper National Park”. Journey to Jasper: A Mini-Conference. Mount Allison University. Sackville, NB. November 2013.

Jennings, C., Maillet, J., and Laroque, C.P. “Shelterbelts in Saskatchewan: Examining growth patterns of Picea glauca and Fraxinus pennsylvanica across a latitudinal gradient”. Annual meeting, ACAG. Halifax, NS. October 2012.

Maillet, J., Jennings, C., Murray, S. “Rockin’ Out with Ghost Glacier: An exercise in hydrodynamic transport”. Annual  meeting, Atlantic Division Canadian Association of Geographers. Halifax, NS, October 2012.

Jennings, C., and Laroque, C.P. “Seeking Spruce Shelter: A latitudinal transect in Eastern Saskatchewan”. Summer Undergraduate Research Fair, Mount Allison University. September 2012.

Jennings, C., Robichaud, A., Erhman, J. M., and Laroque, C.P. “Odes of Joy or Sounds of Silence? How do you sample a “priceless” artifact?” Annual meeting, Canadian Archaeological Association. Montreal, QC. May 2012.

Jennings, C., Ehrman, J., Robichaud, A., and Laroque, C.P. “Fact or fiction: Changing the tune of an old violin”. Annual meeting, Atlantic Division Canadian Association of Geographers, Sackville, NB. October 2011.

Jennings, C. “Odes of Joy, or Sounds of Silence? A dendrochronological investigation of an old violin”. Summer Undergraduate Research Fair. Mount Allison University, September 2011.


2014 Ontario Graduate Scholarship, Queen’s


2014 Canadian Association of Geographers Award, Mount Allison University

2014 Departmental Award in Geography, Mount Allison University

2013 NSERC Summer Undergraduate Research Award

2012 NSERC Summer Undergraduate Research Award

2011 Founder’s Award for Best Undergraduate Presentation, Atlantic Division of the Canadian Association of Geographers