Ziyun Wang

MREM 2013Ziyun_Wang

Biography: Ziyun has an undergraduate background in environmental science from China, and completed a Master’s degree in Resource and Environmental Management from Dalhousie University. During her internship as a research assistant in her degree program, Ziyun analyzed gaps and limitations in previous studies on Boat Harbour contamination from a kraft pulp and paper mill, and its potential environmental health consequences on the adjacent Pictou Landing First Nation community. Ziyun is passionate about having various cultural experiences, as much as about environmental and social justice issues.

Current Position: Ziyun is currently interning at IOI–Canada, an NGO based at Dalhousie University and one of 22 chapters of the International Ocean Institute.

MREM Project Report: Pulling The Plug On Boat Harbour: A Synthesis Review and Gap Analysis of Existing Environmental and Human Health Assessments including Pictou Landing First Nation

Abstract: Boat Harbour in Pictou County, Nova Scotia has been used as a treatment facility to process effluent water from a nearby bleached kraft pulp and paper mill for almost 50 years. Using and producing large quantity of chemicals, the effluent treatment process has raised increasing environmental health concerns among the adjacent Mi’kmaq community, Pictou Landing First Nation. We retrieved previous environmental records from Health Canada, reviewed them, and analyzed with a “two-eyed seeing” approach, which combines both Western and Aboriginal knowledge. We found regulatory and technical gaps existing in previous studies, and concluded that these gaps should be addressed with a broad understanding of health and risks in an Aboriginal context.