Kiley Daley

MES 2013


Kiley Daley completed his graduate studies through the School for Resources and Environmental Studies at Dalhousie University. He is an applied environmental and public health researcher primarily focused on water and sanitation issues in rural, remote and Aboriginal communities.

Current Position:

Kiley is continuing his studies as an Interdisciplinary PhD student at Dalhousie University’s Centre for Water Resources Studies ( His PhD research involves an assessment of exposure pathways and human health risks associated with wastewater treatment systems in Arctic communities.

Thesis (Master of Environmental Studies):

A Qualitative Case Study of Relationships between Drinking Water, Wastewater, and Public Health in Coral Harbour, Nunavut


This research explores associations between the usage habits and social patterns of residents relating to the unique domestic water supply and wastewater treatment systems in Nunavut’s remote Inuit communities. Through 37 interviews, participant observation, and document review in Coral Harbour (latitude 64.137° N, longitude 83.167° W), we observed occurrences of household water shortages and how traditional and early settlement-era water practices are influencing contemporary usage patterns and public health. Our findings reflect the importance of place and scale in community water and wastewater strategies, and have practical implications for policy and future research on water management and public health in Nunavut and related regions.


Daley, K., Jamieson R., Rainham, D., & Truelstrup-Hansen, L. (2017). Wastewater treatment and public health in Arctic communities: Rational for a Microbial Risk Assessment Framework. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. doi:10.1007/s11356-017-8566-8

Daley, K., Castleden, H., Jamieson, R., Furgal, C., & Ell, L. (2015). Water systems, sanitation, and public health risks in remote communities: Inuit resident perspectives from the Canadian Arctic. Social Science & Medicine, 135: 124-135.

Daley, K., Castleden, H., Jamieson, R., Furgal, C., & Ell, L. (2014). Municipal water quantities and health in Nunavut households: an exploratory case study in Coral Harbour, Nunavut, Canada. International Journal of Circumpolar Health, 73: 23843.

Castleden, H., Daley, K., Sloan Morgan, V., & Sylvestre, P. (2013). Settlers unsettled: Using field schools and digital stories to transform geographies of ignorance about Indigenous peoples in Canada. Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 37(4): 487-499.