Jillian Woods

JillMREM 2013

Biography: Jillian Woods completed her Master of Resource and Environmental Management (MREM) at Dalhousie University in 2013. In 2011, she completed her B.Sc. in Environmental Science, with an emphasis in Ecology. Originally from Ontario, Jillian has travelled extensively across Canada and Europe. In the future, she hopes to work on international drinking water issues. Her master’s research focused on lead in drinking water, for which she conducted a survey and several interviews in Halifax to evaluate practices for replacing and monitoring lead service lines. She hopes this research will benefit regulatory agencies, such as Health Canada, by helping them make informed decisions regarding lead in drinking water.


Hart, C., MacNeil, K., Salaria, S., Ummat, N., Weber, E., & Woods, J. (2013). The Management of Arsenic in Nova Scotia Groundwater. Dalhousie University. unpublished report.