Aelita Neimanis

MES 2012Aelita


After completing her degree in International Development Studies at Dalhousie, Aelita transitioned into the MES program where she was able to undertake research on the intersection between issues of social justice and the environment.  Under the co-supervision of Dr. Daniel Rainham and Dr. Heather Castleden, Aelita developed a model and toolkit for environmental justice that supports social-ecological justice decion-making processes and strengthens social-ecological relationships by incorporating the concept of ecological integrity.

Current Position:

Aelita now works as a baker and contiues to connect people with the environment through food.


Environmental Justice: Making the Case for Ecological Integrity


Environmental justice captures the notion that particular communities may be disproportionately affected by harmful environmental hazards.  These same environmental hazards threaten non-human species, causingchanges to the fundamental ecological services that support all life on earth. This study merges social and ecological determinants of health by incorporating the concept of ecological integrity into a new environmental justice framework. A systematic review of 104 articles indicates that environmental justice discourse is anthropocentric and fragmented, that current approaches are reactive, and that environmental injustice requires participatory solutions.  A new environmental justice model and toolkit highight the interdependence between human and ecosystem health through the concepts of resistance, resilience, restoration, appreciation, assessment and action.


2010 Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Master’s Scholarship, SSHRC

2009/2010 Faculty of Graduate Studies Scholarship, Dalhousie University


2010 CoPEH-Canada Ecohealth Training and Awards Program


Neimanis, A., Castleden, H. & Rainham, D. (2012). Examining the place of ecological integrity in environmental justice: A systematic review. Local Environments 17(3): 349–367.

Castleden, H., Sloan Morgan, V. & Neimanis, A. (2010). Researchers’ perspectives on collective/community co-authorship in community-based participatory Indigenous research. Journal of Empirical Research on Health Research Ethics 5(4): 23-32.

Conference Presentations:

Neimanis, A. (June, 2011). (Health) Justice for all: Creating a tool for environmental justice with an ecological integrity lens to improve well-being. The Canadian Association of Geographers Annual Meeting, June, 2011. Calgary, AB.

Neimanis, A. (August 18, 2010). A systematic review of the literature on environmental justice: What about ecological integrity? Ecohealth Annual Conference. August 18-20, 2010. London, UK.