New Publication by the HEC Lab’s Vanessa Sloan Morgan and Heather Castleden

Framing Indigenous–Settler Relations within British Columbia's Modern Treaty Context: A Discourse Analysis of the Maa-nulth Treaty in Mainstream Media Vanessa Sloan Morgan Queen's University, Heather Castleden Queen's University,  Abstract Media plays an integral role in (re)producing our social construction of reality. When viewed in light of Canada's colonial legacy, media's power has undoubtedly been implicated in circumscribing Indigenous peoples and Indigenous-settler relations. Employing a discourse analysis of mainstream media covering the recent (2011) implementation of a comprehensive land claims agreement in British Columbia, the study investigates how media has framed contemporary Indigenous-settler relations within the Canadian state. Findings indicate that mainstream media predominantly [...]

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UPDATED – Spotlight on Boat Harbour

Boat Harbour near Pictou Landing NEW UPDATE - Mark Gibson, Assistant Professor, Department of Process Engineering and Applied Sciences at Dalhousie University, and Co-Investigator on the project, spoke with the CBC's Tom Murphy. Watch the video here (external link). View Mark's website here (external link). ----- UPDATED (First published 16 June 2014) - With the recent media attention of the pulp and paper mill near Pictou Landing, Heather Castleden speaks on CBC's InfoMorning about the ongoing health effects, enviornmental justice, and racism issues. Listen to the interview here (external link). ----- In the 1960s, amidst other resource extraction and [...]

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Environmental Reviews Publishes a HEC Lab Paper

The Human Dimension of Water Safety Plans: A critical review of literature and information gaps Megan Kot, Heather Castleden, Graham A Gagnon Abstract A safe supply of drinking water is a cornerstone of public health and community wellbeing. Complacency among those responsible for the provision of safe drinking water (e.g. water suppliers, operators, and managers) has led to numerous and otherwise avoidable waterborne outbreaks. Water safety plans present a risk-based, proactive framework for water management, and when properly implemented, virtually eliminates the option for complacency. However, the uptake of water safety plans remain limited worldwide. This paper reports on the experiences [...]

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The Canadian Geographer Accepts Paper for Publication

Heather Castleden, along with co-authors, Valorie Crooks (Simon Fraser University) and Ilja van Meerveld (VU University Amsterdam) have just had the following paper accepted for publication in The Canadian Geographer, it will be available online soon: `Examining the public health implications of drinking water-related behaviours and perceptions: A face-to-face exploratory survey of residents in eight coastal communities in British Columbia and Nova Scotia In Canada the quality of drinking water and its availability are a reflection of where one lives. Coastal communities, which are particularly susceptible to boil water advisories, present an understudied opportunity to understand drinking water-related behaviours and perceptions. How [...]

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Knowledge Integration Project Produces Water Gathering Report

Heather Castleden's Knowledge Integration Project on Indigenous and Western Knowledge for Water Management in Canada (funded by the Canadian Water Network) has produced a report on its recent national Water Gathering held June 3rd and 4th in Ottawa, Ontario, Traditional Territories of the Algonquin Peoples. The Gathering brought together over 40 Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars, experts and traditional knowledge-holders from across Canada to share their stories and experiences with water, and to hep determine means of assessing/evaluating past water resource management research and practice that has included (or attempted to include) Indigenous knowledges or methodologies from multiple perspectives. You can find [...]

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Thank You Emily!

After two and a half years as the HEC Lab's Managing Director, Emily Skinner moving on to pursue a new opportunity in Edmonton, Alberta.

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APTN features story on Boat Harbour

Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) is currently running a three part news story on the health effects of Boat Harbour near Pictou Landing First Nation

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The HEC Lab is now on Twitter!

After long and insightful discussions, and an interesting series of discussions it's been, we've finally given in to Twitter! At our past reserach group meeting, HEC Lab students and staff talked about the merits and the challenges of using social media as a way of sharing and communicating research activities. And, with some input from HEC Lab alumni Brittany White, we decided to give it a go. You can follow us here: @fortheHECofit

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