Jon Aarssen

Master of Arts Candidate – Geography and Planning

Jon Aarssen Biography: Jon is currently completing a Master of Arts degree in Geography at Queens University, and joined the HEC lab in January 2017.  While completing a Bachelor’s degree in Geography at Queens University, Jon developed a specific interest in Canadian Indigenous historical and cultural geographies, as well as the use of film and Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) methodologies as a way of engaging with and involving participant communities and interest groups in the research process. Some of these interests originate from a combination of previous training as a photographer/videographer, and time spent serving a documentary film project as camera operator, sound technician, editor, director of photography, and co-producer while an undergraduate.

Jon’s research interests broadly defined, relate to the historical and contemporary implications and effects of colonial experiences on Indigenous survival and cultural resilience, particularly as they are learned about through the use of participatory, arts-based methodologies that communicate research findings in geography and the humanities in an optimal manner.  Jon is interested in interdisciplinary, collaborative projects that uncover and trace connections within and between academic disciplines, especially those that pertain to historical, environmental, social, and health-related issues, inequities and injustices.