Join the HEC LAB

Join the HEC Lab!

The HEC Lab is always looking to recruit prospective graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, undergraduate honours students, and volunteers. As a member of the HEC Lab, you will have the opportunity to work and collaborate with a cadre of peers with research interests just like yours. This includes participating in HEC Lab meetings that focus on building academic and professional skills, such as conference presentations, grant writing workshops, developing research projects, and collectively working to contribute to other projects going on in the Lab to ensure all of our outputs are of exceptional quality.

If working with a team of highly driven academic peers in an environment that fosters skill development and team building in the context of collaborative research, please connect with us! We are seeking students interested in:

Community-based participatory research
Indigenous renewable energy in Canada
Environmental racism and social justice
Critical, participatory, and Indigenous methodologies
Two-Eyed seeing
Indigenous health equity
Treaty rights
Modern treaty implementation
Relational ethics

When reaching out to us, please provide us with:

When reaching out to us, please provide us with: