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2017-2021 Our Ancestors are in our Lands, Waters, and Air: Sharing Stories about Two-Eyed Seeing in Heath Research for Healing, Reconciliation, and a Shared Future. Nominated Principal Investigator: Dr. Heather Castleden, with Pictou Landing Native Women’s Group. CIHR Project Scheme: Knowledge Translation.

2017-2022 A SHARED Future: Achieving Strength, Health and Autonomy through Renewable Energy Development for the Future. Nominated Principal Investigator: Dr. Heather Castleden. CIHR Environment and Health Signature Initiative Team Grant: Intersectoral Prevention Research.

2016-2022 Youth Futures: Bringing together Indigenous and Western approaches to promote youth resilience and prosperity in First Nations communities. (Nominated Principal Investigator: Dr. Kim Matheson et al.) SSHRC Partnership Grant.

2015-2020 CIHR’s new open suite of programs and college reviewers: So, how’s that working for pathways to Indigenous health equity in research and outcomes in Canada? Queen’s University Research Leaders Fund.

2015-2020 Assessing and addressing awareness of First Nations, Métis and Inuit people among first-year and fourth-year university students in Canada. Principal Investigator: Dr. Anne Godlewska. SSHRC Insight Grant.

2014-2019 Our Journey, Our Choice, Our Future: Applying a community-based research approach to identify, document, and understand the challenges and indicators of success associated with the Huu-ay-aht path to a modern Treaty with British Columbia and Canada. SSHRC Insight Grant.

2014-2017 Aboriginal Health Research Networks (AHRNets) for Aboriginal Knowledge and Aboriginal Ways of Knowing. (Nominated Principal Investigator: Dr. Charlotte Reading). CIHR Network Catalyst Grant.

2013-2017 Building a social policy framework for the health and well-being of Mi’kmaq communities in Nova Scotia: A Two-eyed Seeing approach. (Nominated Principal Investigator: Dr. Frederic Wien). CIHR Open Operating Grant Competition.