Rob Stefanelli, a former HEC Lab trainee, is now the HEC Lab’s full-time Research Coordinator!

It was with great pleasure that HEC Lab Director, Dr. Heather Castleden, announced that Rob Stefanelli would be staying with the HEC Lab, taking on an integral role in the machinations of the Lab’s activities. Heather said: “It has been such a joy to work with Rob as a trainee and I am so excited that he has agreed to stay in a coordinating role to help launch new research and support the work of the HEC Lab. He is a tremendous asset to our team”.

Welcome to the Team!

The HEC Lab is excited to announce that Jon Aarssen and Makenzie MacKay have joined the team, effective January 2017. Jon is a MA candidate in Geography at Queens University and Makenzie is completing her BAH with a medial in Geography.

Jon Aarssen
Jon Aarssen
Makenzie MacKay
Makenzie MacKay



Heather is pleased to now be able to work with the School of Environmental Studies, offering training and/or co-supervision to graduate and undergraduate students effective January 1, 2016.

These lucky students join those from the Department of Geography and Planning and the Department of Public Health Sciences, where Heather is currently teaching, as Associate Professor.

The HEC Lab is an exciting place to be! Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or are interested in working with Heather and her team.

New Research Program Manager at the HEC Lab!

The HEC Lab is pleased to welcome Tiffanie Rainville as the incoming Research Program Manager, bringing with her fresh perspectives and insight from Bolivia, where she’s been working for the past 4 years.   She is excited about the new challenge and ready to be a part of the great social network involved with the HEC Lab.

“I’ve been living in Latin America for many of the last 10 years, and am excited to look for similarities and lessons learned from the indigenous communities with whom I worked, and how they might relate to our Canadian reality.”

Catherine Hart will be dearly missed, but will continue on as Research Associate contributing the same positive attitude and drive that she is known for.