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Doctoral Student

Biography: Alex is an incoming PhD Student at Queen’s University and a trainee affiliated with A SHARED Future’s Indigenous Women in Renewable Energy Project. Alex has a varied academic background with time spent working on issues ranging from violence and queer activism along the US/Mexico border to ageing, disability, and technology in Canada. Alex is committed to applied, community-based research.

Research Interests: Applied qualitative research, participatory research, community-based research & protocols,solidarity work, decolonization work, identity formation, nationalism, violence, gender and sexual minorities activisms and rights, indigenous sovereignty, indigenous rights and title, cultural revitalization, aging, caregiving, living with disability, public health


Peer Reviewed Publications
Mortenson, W.B., Pysklywec, A., Chau, L., Prescott, M., & Townson, A. (2017). Therapists’ experience of training and implementing an exoskeleton in a rehabilitation center. Journal of Physiotherapy[Submitted Oct 2017]
Mortenson, W.B., Pysklywec, A., Fuhrer, M.J., Jutai, J.W., Plante, M., & Demers, L. (2017). Caregivers’ experiences with the selection and use of assistive technology. Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology, Aug, 1-6. doi: 10.1080/17483107.2017.1353652.
Pysklywec, J.A. (2012). For Your Own Good: Paternalism and Patriarchy in Urban Namibia. PlatForum: Journal of Graduate Students in Anthropology, 1389-109.
Non-peer Reviewed Publications
de Freitas, C., Pysklywec, A. (2013). On being included by Sara Ahmed [Review of book On being included by S. Ahmed]. Society and Space


Conference Papers:
Pysklywec, A. (2014). Rainbow flags and body bags: Pride as everyday resistance to militarized violence in Northeastern Mexico. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Association of Geographers, Tampa, FL.Pysklywec, A. (2013, April).
Pysklywec, A. (2013). Wrong Side of the Wall: Reconfiguring the Border, Security, and Belonging. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Association of Geographers, Los Angeles, CA.
Pysklywec, A. (2012, April). No (Wo)Man’s Land: The Production of Contested Spaces in theUS/Mexico Borderlands. Paper presented at Fronteras y Puentes: Understanding and Transforming Borders through Social Science Research Conference, University of Texas, PanAmerican, McAllen, TX
Conference Posters:
Pysklywec, A., Alliche, Z., Gélinas-Bronsard, D., Bier, N., Boutin, S., Demers, L., Miller, W.C.,Talbot, V., Ahmed, S., & Auger, C. (2017).
What should be prioritized for an internet-basedintervention for mobility assistive technology users and caregivers? Poster presented at the annual meeting of AGE-WELL NCE, Winnipeg, MB.