Who Was Funded?

//Who Was Funded?
Who Was Funded?2017-12-13T13:10:09+00:00

Nine Programs Funded, $2 Million Each Over 5 Years

1. A SHARED Future: Achieving Strength, Health, and Autonomy through Renewable Energy Development for the Future. Nominated Principal Investigator: Castleden, Heather – Queen’s University. (Nexus Area: Indigenous Ways of Knowing/Traditional Ecological Knowledge/Two-Eyed Seeing).

2. The ECHO Network (Environment, Community, Health Observatory): Strengthening intersectoral capacity to understand and respond to health impacts of resource development. Nominated Principal Investigator: Parkes, Margot – University of Northern British Columbia. (Nexus Area: Resource development).

3. Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: Towards Responsible Replacements. Nominated Principal Investigator: Hales, Barbara – McGill University. (Nexus Area: Agri-food).

4. Developing a Framework for Wastewater Reuse in Canada: Using Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment, Risk Communication, and Community Engagement for Evaluating Water-Fit-For-Purpose Reuse. Nominated Principal Investigator: Ashbolt, Nicholas – University of Alberta. (Nexus Area: Urban Form).

5. Climate Change and Indigenous Food System, Food Security, and Food Safety. Nominated Principal Investigator: Harper, Sheri – Guelph University.

6. Multisectoral Urban Systems for health and Equity in Canadian cities. Nominated Principal Investigator: Gauvin, Lise – Universite de Montreal.

7. The Built Environment and Active Transportation Safety in Children and Youth. Nominated Principal Investigator: Hagel, Brent – University of Calgary.

8. Environments and Health INTERACT : INTErventions, Research, and Action in Cities Team. Nominated Principal Investigator: Kestens, Yan – Universite de Montreal.

9. Patterns of Resilience Among Youth in Contexts of Petrochemical Production and Consumption in the Global North and Global South. Nominated Principal Investigator: Ungar, Mike – Dalhousie University.