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Premise for ‘A SHARED Future’: Relationships Matter for Reconciliation

First and foremost, this program of research is about reconciliation between knowledge systems; it must be foundational to our work together.

From this premise, renewable energy is our chosen platform for exploring reconciliation and moving towards healing our relationships with each other and the world around us.

Our goal for A SHARED Future…

Bring forward stories of reconciliation and healing in intersectoral partnerships under the umbrella of renewable energy conservation, efficiency, and development.

Outcomes for A SHARED Future…

Bring to light new and restored understandings of integrative health by sharing our stories, resources, and tools with Indigenous and Settler governments, industries, ENGOs, universities, and beyond.

How will we achieve our goal for A SHARED Future?

Carry out a series of related projects, each of which are conceptually and methodologically framed around reconciliation and healing using renewable energy as our platform.

Our Plan

Our program of research – A SHARED Future – will support several thematically-linked projects across Canada that will study various types of intersectoral partnerships, with an overall focus on Indigenous peoples’ leadership in renewable energy conservation, efficiency, and  development.