Background Info

  • In 2016, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) announced a call for proposals for Team Grants to look at intersectoral partnerships (multi-party, multi-jurisdictional, multi-disciplinary, multi-scalar) in environment and health.
  • 9 Teams were funded at $2 million/each; 1 Team would be funded that focused on Indigenous Ways of Knowing/Traditional Ecological Knowledge/Two-Eyed Seeing.

CIHR’s Description of the Funding Opportunity

Support research to examine how intersectoral strategies and approaches contribute to improvements in population health and health equity by preventing, mitigating, reducing and/or enhancing resilience to harmful environmental exposures and/or promoting healthful environments.

Support co-led interdisciplinary and intersectoral teams who will work across sectors and jurisdictions to tackle real world problems together with partners.

  • Examine and compare the social, cultural, health, health equity and economic impacts of intersectoral strategies (e.g. policies, programs, regulations, etc.).
  • Support the study of citizen engagement strategies that mediate or enhance intersectoral action on environments and health.
  • Support cross-jurisdictional programmatic research that contributes knowledge to solve real world problems in environments and health; and,
  • Catalyze collaborations across sectors and jurisdictions that engage researchers, knowledge users and citizen groups/associations in public, nongovernmental, and private sectors.

Research needs to examine how health and non-health sector strategies and approaches targeting the environment in different geopolitical and social contexts are implemented, can be further scaled up, and can be translated to improved health and sustainable change within and across sectors and at municipal, provincial/territorial, national and/or global system levels

 Additional research programs funded during this competition